Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving new customer engagement capabilities across channels and around the world. The explosion of touchpoints like chatbots, virtual assistants, in-app messaging and two-way SMS – plus conversational IVR, mobile and web – require intelligent systems that are smarter, faster and more scalable than ever.
Nuance’s AI-powered, omni-channel customer engagement solutions recognize human speech and language, interpret the meaning of both spoken word and data, and apply context and reasoning to each interaction. All to deliver the outcomes, recommendations and decisions that meet, and exceed, the rising expectations of consumers. By innovating on a global scale, Nuance is reinventing the relationship between humans and technology.
Nuance AI applications
Leverage AI for intelligent customer engagement 
For decades, Nuance has been at the forefront of conversational AI, delivering innovations in speech recognition, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), conversational dialog and Text-to-Speech (TTS), and developing systems that learn from their interactions with humans to drive automation and improve the customer experience. 
Conversational AI: the core of intelligent self-service 
Nuance develops intelligent systems that listen, understand and respond to voice and text – making it natural and easy for consumers to engage with devices, services and applications across conversational IVR, mobile and web. By integrating systems that hold two-way conversations, understand words and colloquial expressions and maintain context throughout the human-to-machine engagement, companies can deliver effortless self-service experiences for customers.
Human-assisted AI: partnering AI systems with humans 
While modern intelligent systems such as chatbots and virtual assistants leverage big data and human input to emulate live agents, they have – and know – their limits within the self-service engagement. That’s when live agents can seamlessly step in, tapping into relevant context and information from the self-service interaction. Nuance’s AI systems listen, learn and deliver progressively better outcomes through this learning loop – so companies can deliver optimal experiences for their customers. 
Cognitive AI: predictive reasoning for superior service 
Consumers expect personalized interactions with intelligent systems that can learn what matters to them, offer relevant information and predict what’s next. We’re pioneering logic and reasoning through cognitive AI, so systems recognize and remember historical patterns, then anticipate and act on customer needs – before they arise.
Nuance solutions are “Powered by AI”
Nuance engineers and researchers build AI – machine learning, deep learning with neural networks and NLP – into business technologies, products and solutions.
  • Today, Nuance has more than 300 people worldwide focused on speech recognition, NLU, machine learning, deep learning and AI.
  • With over 400 patents, the Nuance AI Framework is the foundation for all Nuance products. It is designed to interact with users via multiple modalities, extract meaning from input using cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning approaches, conduct flexible conversations and answer questions, perform reasoning based on explicit representation of conceptual knowledge, derive insights from data and interact with external resources through semantic APIs. 
Our core technologies are AI. 
  • Speech recognition, voice recognition, TTS and NLU represent some of the earliest commercial applications of AI in the contact center. Nuance has been at the forefront of driving innovation in these areas for decades, in addition to building and evolving conversational dialog to drive improved automation through human-like interactions. 
Our collective AI expertise.
  • For more than 20 years, our 700+ person Professional Services team has applied our AI technologies to design, develop, deliver and optimize customer engagement solutions for the world’s largest, most successful organizations across all major industries.
Our AI solution differentiation.
Our viewpoint on AI to improve customer experience
In a world where nearly 90% of organizations will ultimately compete based on customer experience, inevitably many have narrowed in on AI to drive customer experience and loyalty gains, reduce costs and generate new revenue streams. 
Nuance’s primary focus has always been on partnering with customers to deliver mission-critical solutions to provide great service to their customers in a cost-effective and profitable way – through systems built with AI, using technologies that are AI, long before the term became mainstream. We’ve been doing it for decades, dating back to the deployment of our first transactional speech IVR in 1994. 
We are the most experienced provider of commercial AI systems for customer engagement, with decades of experience deploying intelligent systems for global market leaders to transform the way they achieve their customer experience, cost reduction and growth KPIs.
Using subscriber intelligence and AI to boost operator revenues
In telecommunications, AI can completely change marketing approaches, bringing the business closer to its customers. As large and growing numbers of consumers prefer to manage their relationship with mobile operators via the mobile channel, operators are looking to analytics, machine learning, AI and orchestration linked with technologies such as virtualization, SDN-NFV, and automation to reduce costs and increase revenue and ARPU. 
Creating secure, sustainable and significant revenue streams for mobile operators is a top priority for Nuance, especially at a time when operators are facing increased competition for traditional revenue sources, over-the-top (OTT) providers and regulatory pressures.
Nuance’s AI and data analytics-powered, Loop platform delivers new and incremental revenue streams for mobile operators worldwide. Nuance Loop ensures no opportunity is wasted by engaging subscribers across the entire network – voice, text, USSD, browser or applications – and deciding what to offer, when, and how, based on subscriber context, profile, and usage history. The platform provides operators with the ability to reduce churn and increase ARPU by offering personalized, revenue-generating services to their subscribers across mobile advertising, messaging and financial services.
Integrated directly into the mobile operator’s network, Nuance Loop analyzes offer conversion rates, subscriber profiles, content usage and network activity to accurately create and place offers that are tailored to each subscriber, maximizing the value of potentially lost revenues. The Nuance Loop orchestrator platform identifies the user and presents the optimum service (which therefore has the highest probability of user acceptance) according to their profile and behavior and to defined business rules. It includes a learning engine based on the subscriber history of accepting offers, and a common orchestration layer that enables conversion as well as fulfillment for offers.
At the core of Loop's power is Nuance's AI and robust data analytics and machine learning technology, which continuously learns and adapts to subscribers' needs. Nuance Loop can adapt and learn from hundreds of millions of devices and billions of customer interactions. Additionally, because Loop is integrated into mobile operator’s networks at no charge, it allows for easy scalability and deployment for operators to efficiently bring new services to their subscribers.
Digital Transformation in the era of AI
Growing demand for AI is expected to drive large investment in SaaS/cloud and big data technology. Digital business models that hinge on AI and IoT such as "as-a-service" and "mass personalization at scale" require large amounts of data and computing power to execute. In addition, the connections for IoT are in the cloud and AI processing will increasingly rely on cloud-based services. These trends will continue to drive investment in cloud and big data technologies. 
Each operator is devising its own approach to the always connected data environment. Mobile operators are constantly striving to keep up with the rapidly changing preferences of customers who can choose from a multiplicity of providers whom they rank by availability, service, agility and cost. This requires a paradigm shift in how communications service providers engage with their customers or they face becoming commoditized and losing market share.
Many operators identify the need to have a digital transformation strategy as imperative and recognize the transformation an essential to driving profits. Nuance recognizes the need to invest in emerging technologies as integral to realizing the potential of digital business and is working with mobile operators worldwide to support their digital transformation agendas: from Communication Service Provider to Digital Service Provider
Nuance solutions are consciously innovated across the Digital Customer Experience to receive, record, amplify and respond to end-user requirements as they evolve and emerge in real time.
In Closing
Nuance is reinventing the relationship between operators and users through intelligent customer engagement solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.
The innovations, benefits and bottom-line results that Nuance brings to mobile operators are unlike any other available services. We have deep knowledge of AI use cases and ability to deploy solutions to address major pain points carriers are encountering in the Digital Transformation journey.


Dan Faulkner

Senior Vice President and GM - Nuance Communications

Dan oversees the Communications Service Provider line of business at Nuance and has been an important part of Nuance’s business development and strategy since joining the company over a decade ago.