Loop Technology
Leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence,
Big Data and Machine Learning technology
Built on Nuance's industry leading voice technology and natural language understanding, Loop uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to truly understand your subscribers. AI and machine learning enables Loop to continuously add to, and fine tune your data, so that you can always anticipate and address your customers’ needs.
AI and Machine Learning
Unlock new revenue streams through intelligent customer engagement
AI is driving new customer engagement capabilities across channels and around the world. The explosion of touchpoints like chatbots, virtual assistants and in-app messaging – plus IVR, mobile and the web – require intelligent systems that are smarter, faster and more scalable than ever.
For more than 20 years, Nuance has been at the forefront of conversational AI, delivering innovations in speech recognition, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), conversational dialog and Text-to-Speech (TTS) – and developing systems that learn from their interactions and experiences with humans to drive automation and improve the customer experience.
Nuance’s AI-powered, omni-channel solutions recognize human speech and language, interpret the meaning of words and data, and apply context and reasoning to each interaction. 
Nuance Loop can be aware of every subscriber interaction – and decide how to interact with each in the best way. The Nuance Loop orchestrator platform identifies the user and presents the optimum service (which therefore has the highest probability of user acceptance) according to their profile and behavior and to the defined business rules. It includes a learning engine based on the subscriber history of accepting offers, and a common orchestration layer that enables conversion as well as fulfillment for offers. 
Omnichannel Campaign Management
Get in touch with your customers
At the right time, in the right place, and with the right offer
The Nuance Loop campaign management platform handles high volumes of data and delivers campaigns across all subscriber touchpoints in real-time. It enables you to segment, target and communicate with your customers, delivering new and incremental revenue streams, as well as helping with churn reduction.
Using big data analytics users can perform segment analysis on the subscriber base and on campaigns.
Reports can be generated in real time on campaign execution, offer fulfillment and take rates to enable effective campaign management. The insight analytics tool assesses a campaign’s effectiveness, measures its results, and optimizes it across channels. So that you can devise and execute fact-based, data-driven, and intelligent campaigns that increase the response rate and ROI. 
Predictive analytics identifies the most responsive customer groups for particular offers, and models likely future customer behaviors, for example how likely it is that a prospect will convert, or buy a product or service. It predicts the optimum offer/segment combination for campaign effectiveness and ROI.
Real-time, personal and relevant conversations
Nuance’s solution allows you to deliver the right offer, over the right channel, at the right time. Using sophisticated data analytics in real time, subscribers are targeted individually though micro segmentation, based on their behavior, usage pattern and profile. So, your communication is relevant, real-time and sent over the appropriate channel for your customer.
Individual subscribers can choose from a variety of options, not just 1 or 2 offers, across different services such as data, voice, SMS and VAS, at the same time.
Nuance Loop Campaign Manager even supports campaigns where the target base is automatically offered another product depending on the subscriber’s response to a particular product.