Mobile Financial Services
Drive new revenue at
every touch point
Nuance Loop Mobile Financial Services offer a unified solution to manage
top-ups, micro credit and payments - and deliver a better customer experience.
Data and voice credit
Deliver instant data and voice credit
Voice and Data Credit
With our micro credit services mobile operators can immediately provide credit to their prepaid subscribers when they are running low on data or airtime credit. Used by Tier 1 operators globally Voice and Data Credit is proven to generate significant additional revenue and ARPU.

Auto Credit
Ensure your prepaid subscribers never run out of credit with Auto Credit, automatically crediting their account whenever their balance falls below a certain amount.

Express Voice and Data
In the middle of a call or a browsing session when you run out of credit? Express Voice and Data provides a small loan allowing your prepaid subscribers to continue their call, send the text or use the internet without interruption.

Voice/Data Transfer and Gifting
Transfers made easy
Simplify the process of transferring voice and data credit and gifting products, from VAS services to text and data packs, to and from both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Collect Calls and SMS
Help your customers in an emergency.
Even if your prepaid subscribers are out of credit they can ask the receiving party to reverse the charge for their call or text, so that they are never out of touch.
Ready to deliver seamless mobile financial services for your subscribers?