Mobile Marketing and Advertising Services
Contextual Marketing for personalized,
real-time and interactive marketing campaigns
Nuance Loop mobile marketing and advertising services deliver a unified solution to manage campaigns and streamline the customer experience, while monetizing the mobile operator inventory, allowing them to participate in the digital advertising value chain.
Add value to each
Give your customers the experience they expect. All from a single campaign management platform, powered by robust orchestration capabilities such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows the creation and distribution of more engaging marketing campaigns across all channels. It transforms customer data, logs and transactions within the network into relevant marketing analysis and segmentation.It is an end-to-end system which efficiently manages the campaign from the concept and objective setting through target segment identification, campaign creation, testing, prediction, modelling and scheduling to execution, reporting, analysis and ROI measurement. By smartly integrating subscribers’ activity and profile insights at the right technology touchpoints, we can determine which offer is most relevant, at the right time and over the right channel. Everything you do will be targeted, relevant and timely.
Advertising Services
Reward your customers
Sponsored Voice and Voice Rewards
Bring in advertisers to sponsor voice traffic and rewards to subscribers — for listening or watching advertisements, so they can get free minutes and airtime.

Sponsored Data
Audience is the fundamental catalyst of the advertising market. No mobile data means no audience for advertisers on the strongest growing channel, the mobile.
Brands want to drive engagement with their customers and boost the performance of their mobile advertising campaigns. Operators want to increase customer loyalty and stimulate data usage, while monetizing from advertising business opportunities. From the user’s perspective, mobile data is more attractive than ever.
Bringing all these needs together, Nuance Loop allows marketers to sponsor data traffic for subscribers so they can browse the Internet, use online self-service or sales sites, stream video and music or use specific mobile apps for free, without impacting their data plan, by zero-rating the data channel.

Data Rewards
Nuance Loop allows marketers to reward their customers with data bundles, in exchange for their engagement in a campaign or for executing a specific task - downloading apps, watching a video, taking a survey, redeeming loyalty points and so on. The management of virtual coupons allows data rewards to be linked into off-line campaigns or loyalty programs. For example, subscribers can be rewarded for engaging with the brand or purchasing goods at physical stores.
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